Two Days Spring Summer Special Entremets

By Chef Sanjana Patel

  • Language : English
  • Price : Rs. 4000 Including Taxes [$125 For International Students]


Over the two days of our interactive-demo style online class, you will learn creating stunning Spring Summer fruit french inspired entremets that will have egg free and gluten free options along with the theoretical part of entremets, textures and how to rightly substitute the ingredients to achieve those textures. 

On day one, Chef Sanjana Patel will teach the participants the theory, creating flavour pairings, balance of textures and mise- en- place for preparations of creams, chantilly, mousses, compotes and cake bases, 

On day two, participants will learn how to bring the elements together to layer, glaze, spray paint, piping techniques and finish  the entremets. We will also answer questions and doubts throughout the class for the same.

what you will learn?

  • Mango Velour : Textures of a mango – resemble flavours of India's best varieties of mango combined with jasmine tea chantilly, lime. (vegetarian)
  • Equinox : contrasting textures of washed Ratnagiri cold brew coffee combined with yuzu puree, lime tonic and a gluten free oat, coffee crumble. (Gluten free)
  • Grandma’s Carrot Patch : Classic tea cake revisited in an entremet format - La Folie’s most famous and revered entremet recipe, combines rainbow carrot cake, apricot and sea buckthorn compote, passion curd, carrot cheesecake mousse and swiss meringue
  • Shades of Green : revisiting flavours of a gastronomic plated dessert in an entremet format - poached granny smith apples gel, apple cider fennel foam, walnut streusel, Brie and mascarpone mousse, and microwave sponge. (can be made eggfree)

note :

This class will be conducted on Zoom via our new LMS system Graphy

Participants will receive all necessary information on their registered email address once they sign up for the class. 

A recipe pdf booklet will be uploaded in the course area one day prior to the class.

Recipes are subject to change due to availability of ingredients. 

All photographs and content used for promotional purposes can vary with the final product taught in the class.

In case of any queries, reach out to us on 

This class will be conducted over two days for 4-5 hours on each day, with a short break for refreshments.

You get access to the class recordings for 90 Days after the class is conducted.


As the Creative Director and Executive Chef at La Folie, Sanjana helms the luxury chocolate boutique La Folie Du Chocolate.
Having graduated in Food Management from London and Chocolate Technology in Germany, she was selected at École Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris, a reputed pastry and chocolate art school.

At 22, Sanjana started as an apprentice at Pierre Hermé. After stints with talents such as Jean-Charles Rochoux, Patrick Roger and Olivier Bajard, she donned the role of the Chief of Chocolate Production under Chef Camille Lesecq at Hotel Le Meurice.
She moved on to Hotel Plaza Athénée in the Dorchester Collection, under Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Alain Ducasse. Over the years, she has received national and global accolades. She was crowned India’s Pastry Queen in 2015 and ranked as the 4th Best Pastry Chef globally at the World Pastry Queen Competition in 2016.

Testimonials from our students

"Such a happy class-so much information, shared so generously, with perfection,with a great sense of adventure and learning too. Lovely generous people!" -  Dr. Chandini Sethi shah
"Chef Sanjana is so well informed and has in depth knowledge and not shy with respect to sharing it. Loving the fact there was no compromise." - Ayesha Gotla
"Extremely informative, very clear and easily executable instruction, generous tips and just spectacular desserts!" - Anurita


Q : How are the online classes conducted? All our online classes are conducted via zoom webinar through our website on Graphy. Participants audio is mute and video is off automatically upon joining. All queries are answered through the interactive live chat.

Q : When will I get the recipes and the zoom link for the class? Recipe booklet for each class is uploaded in the course area 2-8 Hours before a class begins. To join the live session simply go to the enrolled course and click on the respective lecture. It will take you to the zoom webinar automatically.

Q : I signed up for a class, but cannot find the zoom link.? Zoom link is NOT provided separately. To join the session, you have to login on our website, go to your course and join through the respective course lecture. If you are facing any technical issue, please email us from your registered email address at

Q : Do I need to keep any ingredients ready for the class? All our online classes are interactive live demonstrations. Since they are not cook-along classes, you are not required to keep any ingredients ready.

Q : Are the pictures displayed on this page belong to the recipes taught in the class? All photographs and content used for promotional purposes can vary with the final product taught in the class.

Q : Are the online cooking classes recorded? Will I have access to the recording after the class? All our online classes are recorded. The recording is automatically uploaded in the course area within 24 hours of the class ending.

Q : How long do I have access to the recording? You have access to these recordings for 90 Days after the class is conducted.

Q : I cannot attend the entire class live. Can I still get access to the recording? If you cannot attend the entire class live, you can still sign up for it and rely on the recording that will be uploaded in the course area, within 24 hours of the class ending.

Q : Can I purchase the recording of a past online class? Currently, we do not sell the recording of an online class that has already taken place. Instead you can have a look at our upcoming classes and pre-recorded online courses.

Q : Are the ingredients and equipment used during the class easily available? We share supplier lists with all participants for specific ingredients and equipment that may not be readily available in your pantry. Based on where you are from, our chef will try their best to help you find a supplier that will deliver particular ingredients to your doorstep. We do not use any ingredients in our classes that are not easily available in Mumbai, India or online through e-commerce sites like Amazon.

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